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Accounts on this site are for members of the association. If you are a member and do not have an account, contact the site administrator, Ross Thompson

Recent changes to the site are listed here.

Since the demo at our meeting on 3/3, the following features have been added:

More links added to Resources page.

Contact forms, both site-wide and for each user account (you can disable your personal contact form if you prefer, but it will be active by default and only visible to other logged-in members).

The new menu "Member Articles" now appears beneath the Navigation menu. You can choose to add your articles to this menu, which will make it easier to find them when they eventually disappear from the Home page.

Logged-in members can view the profile of any other member. Member names in Forum posts and comments will be linked to member profiles.

New and active forum posts will be listed on the Home page.

You can now upload files with a forum post or an article. Accepted file types are txt, doc, docx, and pdf.